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Enhancing customer experience with third-party chat and messaging integrations for Shopify.

Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Enhancing customer experience with third-party chat and messaging integrations for Shopify

We’ve come to the point where online shopping is no longer just about buying and selling. The focus has shifted towards creating connections, sparking conversations, and making every customer interaction feel valuable. For Shopify store owners, this goes beyond a concept; it's a strategy to drive growth and build customer loyalty. The secret weapon? Integrating third-party chat and messaging tools.

These tools are not just utilities; they open pathways to enriching customer interactions. Take a dive into this article to explore the potential of these integrations and uncover how they can take your Shopify store to new heights in terms of delivering exceptional customer experiences.

What are live chat and messaging Shopify integrations?

Imagine yourself as a customer browsing through a Shopify store and coming across a question or issue that the website doesn't address. In the past, you would have had to search for a "Contact Us" section, hoping to find an email or phone number. Now, thanks to party live chat apps, things have changed. With these apps, customers can ask questions. Get answers right on the website without any hassle.

By incorporating chat into your store, you're not just adding a simple messaging tool. Instead, you're integrating an instant messaging system with support from helpdesk teams and analytical capabilities. This seamless integration bridges the gap between your Shopify store and support—the visitors. Live chat goes beyond facilitating communication; it catalyzes business growth by enhancing customer engagement and fostering long-term loyalty.

Top 5 Live Chat Apps to try for your Shopify Store


Tidio is a customer service platform that provides live chat services with the added benefit of chatbots. Its primary aim is to assist businesses in boosting their sales. It has already earned the trust of over 300,000 businesses globally. The beauty of Tidios chat software lies in its ability to centralize communication channels, such as emails, live chats, Facebook messages, and Instagram DMs, into one convenient location.

Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Tidio homepage


  • You can use it to deliver ongoing consumers customized promotions and discounts.

  • It has automated chatbots that gather client data in real-time and help boost sales by providing product recommendations and other services.

  • With automated chatbots, you may offer customer service 24/7.

Live Chat with the Helpdesk

Live Chat with Helpdesk is an app available for Shopify stores. It is designed to provide live chat support for e-commerce businesses to enhance customer service. The app is listed as one of Shopify users' top live chat apps.

Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Helpdesk homepage


  • Reports in-depth CSAT metrics on agent performance.

  • Replies that are pre-written for a speedy response. 

  • Templates for live chat messages with product carousels.

Shopify Inbox

If you're already a Shopify customer, then Shopify Inbox is likely the option for live chat support. It's conveniently available for free in the Shopify marketplace. One of its standout features is its user interface, making navigating effortless. Setting up your customer service strategy will be a breeze. As you continue utilizing it, you'll gradually witness stronger bonds with your customers.

Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Shopify Inbox homepage


  • Access is free for Shopify users.

  • Great for clients, mobile-friendly design

  • Installation is quick and simple and integrates with many channels.

  • Shopify Kit and Shopify Ping assistance

  1. Zendesk

The integration between Zendesk and Shopify makes customer service easier by giving access to information about orders and billing. This all-in-one solution guarantees timely, effective interactions, making it an excellent choice for any Shopify merchant that wants to have top-tier support.

Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Zendesk homepage


  • Routing and analytics for a large chat history

  • Social media and omnichannel access

  • Assistance with abandoned carts

  • A complete mechanism for tickets

  1. Gorgias

Gorgias is a known customer service helpdesk designed specifically for Shopify stores. It seamlessly integrates with Shopify, making it easier for customer support teams to manage and respond to customer queries from one platform. One of the standout features of Gorgias is its ability to automate inquiries, allowing support teams to dedicate time and focus on resolving complex issues. Also, it enhances the overall satisfaction of customers.

Additionally, Gorgias offers an application ensuring that businesses can provide support whether they are in the office or on the go. The platform's integration capabilities go beyond answering queries; it can display customer profiles, handle orders, and even drive sales without switching between tabs or applications. This comprehensive approach has made Gorgias a preferred choice among Shopify merchants who want to enhance their customer support experience.

Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Gorgias homepage


  • Smooth Integration: Gorgias seamlessly integrates with Shopify, centralizing support activities on a single platform.

  • It has automation capabilities that enable support teams to efficiently handle more complicated problems by automating common customer questions.

  • One-Stop Help Desk: Beyond assistance, Gorgias offers features like client profile display, order management, and sales promotion without switching between applications.

  • All-in-One Helpdesk: Companies may offer constant assistance to clients using its mobile application both  in-office and on-the-go

  • A better and quicker response to client requests is made possible by the platform's simple layout and functionalities, which improves the customer experience and makes users happier.


As consumers increasingly rely on platforms to compare prices and find deals, businesses need to develop innovative strategies to prevent customers from abandoning their shopping carts. One effective strategy is incorporating chat, a real-time customer support tool that engages customers proactively and helps them overcome any obstacles they may encounter during the checkout process. 

Many solutions are available that can be used with different platforms, like BigCommerce, WordPress, and Shopify. Tools such as Gorgias and Chatra offer features that cater to business needs, before deciding which solution to use, it's advisable to explore trials to ensure that the chosen tool aligns with your business goals and objectives.

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