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Top 7 Mobile Apps for Shopify Merchants.

Top 7 Mobile Apps for Shopify Merchants

Every business person, merchant, and entrepreneur is extremely busy. Always on the go and it seems like they never stop. You are probably reading this and thinking to yourself that is a 10,000 ft overview of you. On top of being busy, you are probably always on the go. Always doing something. Working on something.

Here are 7 apps that will allow you to free up some more time, they will allow you to be more efficient and productive, and allow you to step away from the office a little easier.

7. Todoist

Every business owner, every e-commerce merchant is always on the go with a million things on their mind. There are things that are related to customers, their team, outsourced entities, and many other components that constantly pop-up. This is true of any size merchant, from someone just starting out on Shopify, or someone who has been on Shopify Plus for a handful of years.

Todoist allows you to create different types of to-do lists to help you stay on top of different aspects of your business. Tasks can be set as ‘recurring’ as well so that you do not have to constantly update them. Todoist also has a very simple collab feature where you can assign certain tasks to your team.

The app on Android or iOS allows you to stay on top of everything on the go. Whether you are at a trade show, traveling on vacation, or picking up your kids from school – it can give you visibility on what needs to be done and what your team is getting done as well. Especially when it comes to getting that great idea – add it to Todoist and set a reminder to revisit and evaluate it.

6. Slack

Slack is…everything these days. The core, the center, the everything of communication and collaboration. Also, Slack is extremely versatile and adaptable to other applications. There are over 150 integrations that Slack has with other platforms – these apps include anything from Google Drive to Trello to BitBucket, Zapier, inVision, HubSpot and more!

5. Quickbooks

If you are a Quickbooks user, well, this is a must. Having Quickbooks on your phone allows you to maximize the financial visibility into your business, especially when you are on a Shopify merchant. At a tip of your fingers, you can check what is overdue, what needs to be paid, reconciled, etc. Even if you do not use Quickbooks, this app is so handy and powerful that you might consider switching over to Quickbooks.

4. Shopify Ping, ZenDesk, or HelpScout

Both of these customer service platforms are quite popular – the reason is, customer service sometimes feels and sometimes is a 24/7 job. The worst thing you can do is fall behind when it comes to addressing customer service issues. This can negatively affect retention, reputation, brand, etc. Do not work so hard to win a customer, only to lose them when you could have addressed their concerns or issues – and this is what ZenDesk and HelpScout allow you and your team to do.

3. Google Drive

I still can’t believe how many entrepreneurs and merchants I come across that underutilize the power of Google Drive. Google Drive is extremely powerful on the desktop, and the team at Google managed to harvest that power and inject a lot of it into the Google Drive Apps: Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. The Google Drive tools are a great collaboration and productivity tools that every merchant needs to maximize using – the best part, they are FREE!

2. Dropbox

Dropbox can be replaced by Google Drive for storing, sharing, and syncing files with your team…but, I still like Dropbox more for this. This is great for merchants that work with agency and freelancers and photographers. You can provide feedback as soon as it is available. Notifications will fly in so you know as soon as changes are made to each file. Dropbox also provides version history which allows you to keep a history of all changes in case you ever want to go back to an older version. The Dropbox app is quite powerful and streamlined that you do not need to always hop on your desktop or laptop to see what is going on or to provide feedback.

1…and, the obvious one that should not have to be mentioned: Shopify

This is pretty much a given…the no-brainer. Whether you are a Shopify or Shopify Plus store owner, this is one sleek and powerful tool. We know merchants that nearly run every aspect of their business through the Shopify App. Interesting fact…during Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, most merchants choose to manage their business through the Shopify mobile app instead of their desktop.

There are many, many more that we can add here or possibly replace. It will always depend on your style and what you need out of an app. The ones we have listed are apps or versions of types of apps that we do not see Shopify store owners utilize enough.

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