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Whats new in Shopify Winter ‘23 Editions.

Whats new in Shopify Winter ‘23 Editions

What's new in this winter's Shopify editions? From enhanced features to improved user experience, Shopify has something for everyone. With the latest updates, you can enjoy a more intuitive and streamlined shopping experience. Plus, you can take advantage of new features such as improved product search, faster checkout, and more secure payment options. With these updates, Shopify is making creating and managing your online store easier than ever. So, don't miss out on the latest Shopify editions this winter, and get ready to take your business to the next level!

Some of this season’s major updates in this include updates and ways to:

  1. Boost your conversion rates

  2. Sell across multiple channels

  3. Go global with your business

  4. Expand with B2B

  5. Find & engage customers

  6. Fulfill & deliver

  7. Run your business

  8. Build better with Shopify

  9. Choose your components, run your business better, and many more, which we will cover in this series's upcoming parts.

This week’s update will focus on: “How to boost conversion rates by loading faster, helping customers find products quicker and complete their purchase even quicker.”

Providing a seamless shopping experience means customers can find what they're looking for when it matters to them the most, helping you build loyal relationships and drive for more conversions. And with the latest set of updates, focusing on optimizing their storefront search and product recommendation engine, with updates to search relevance, the team at Shopify strongly emphasizes providing just that.

  • Improved, lighting-fast page loads

    • No matter where your customers are shopping from, Shopify’s newly expanded global infrastructure ensures they get an incredibly fast experience by efficiently routing traffic and rendering sites as close to their locations as possible.

    • This cutting-edge technology consisting of a network of 270 points of presence worldwide, with more being continually deployed, has enabled businesses to experience twice the speed of their sites, ensuring that customers have a seamless, lightning-fast shopping experience, no matter where they are.

  • Search relevance. 

    • Have you ever had a problem of being unable to fund a product because you made a typo? Spelling mistakes happen; however, with the new typo tolerance built into any Shopify site’s search bar, shoppers will be served accurate search results—even if they type “tablle” instead of “table.” And in addition to that, the search results page prioritizes now more relevant results by leveraging Shopify’s AI-powered search engine and buyer intent signals; how amazing is that? 

  • Typeahead search. 

    • Another exciting addition to Shopify's search functionality is the Typehead Search, which provides customers with a list of dynamically suggested searches to help them find the perfect item for their needs. This feature makes it easier than ever for customers to quickly and easily locate the items they're looking for.

  • Auto-generated product recommendations. 

    • Offering related products has never been simpler. Gone are the days of laboriously editing recommended lists. With an automated option, preferred recommended products will be automatically displayed for any new product in your shop - no prior purchase data is needed! This makes providing customers with the products they need easier than ever.

  • One-page checkout

    • A major news to look forward to this year is the checkout overhaul. Drawing on the success of Shop Pay, this streamlined checkout is faster, more efficient, and sure to please customers. With fewer fields to fill out, customers can complete their purchases quickly, and faster page loading times reduce customer friction and increase conversion rates.

  • Drag-and-drop checkout editor

    • Shopify Plus is revolutionizing the checkout experience with its new Checkout Editor, allowing users to easily customize the look of their checkout with just one click. This new feature seamlessly integrates with Shop Pay, providing a consistent brand and buyer experience. With the Checkout Editor, you can add your brand's logo, change the background color or image, and update the font of your checkout. Plus, you can install checkout apps to add even more functionality to your checkout experience. Make your checkout stand out and provide your customers with a unique, personalized experience.

  • Build trust with Shop Promise

    • Never underestimate the power of Trust Badges.

    • Communicate reliable, fast delivery by installing the Shop channel and adding the Shop Promise badge and delivery dates to your store.

    • Display smart delivery dates predicted by Shopify that are backed by a limited guarantee for your customers if they’re missed.

    • Help customers check out confidently and increase conversion by up to 25%.

  • Customize your store with metaobjects

    • Create reusable, custom content like a shoppable gallery, product highlights, cart upsells, and more with metaobjects. Draft, edit, translate, and reference your metaobjects directly within the online store editor, or use the Storefront API to pull content into your custom storefront seamlessly.

  • Product bundles

    • Another major feature to look forward to is the “Product Bundles.” With the now listed as a “Coming soon” feature, merchants will be able to use the Shopify Bundles app or any other bundles app built on Shopify Functions to create bundles of products to offer their customers. This new feature is sure to have a significant impact on sales figures for all Shopify merchants.

  • New discount apps built on Shopify Functions

    • One more Shopify Functions update is the new Discount option. Now merchants can offer customers more discount types and the ability to combine multiple discounts on a single order. 

    • Choose from the four ready-to-use discounts or access additional types, like a free gift with purchase, using a discount app that integrates seamlessly with your admin. 

    • Building a custom app with Shopify Functions can easily modify this feature to your needs.

We’re sure you are just as excited about all the news and updates Shopify has to bring this season. But the updates we’ve mentioned here are just the beginning. Shopify has released over one hundred new updates, features, and products in this season’s Editions. Stay tuned for the next part of our series, and together with us, discover the rest of Shopify’s amazing new tools created to help you take your business to the next level.

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