Billie Eilish Fragrances

The biggest pop star in the world enters the beauty industry.
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The Brief


When Billie decided to launch her own perfume, it was critical that the launch went smoothly to ensure the best possible user experience. To do so, Praella partnered with Shopify Plus to handle the enormous site traffic anticipated on launch day.

Praella handled developing the website, which had an immersive 3D experience that required special attention to detail around desktop and mobile functionality. Along with the immersive experience that was built on Shopify Plus, Praella also leveraged expansion stores to set up multilingual experiences, currency, and integrate fraud system controls, etc.

High Traffic Only

One thing was for certain due to the popularity of Billie Eilish: high traffic. Praella’s key goal was to ensure that a large amount of traffic was processed without a hitch, especially around product launch dates.

One Customer – One Bottle

Given the high level of interest in the product and the limited number of perfume bottles available on launch day, the only sensible option was to impose a certain limit on the number of bottles an individual could buy.

Custom Functionalities

The Billie Eilish Fragrances team wanted a unique experience for their customers, and to achieve that, many custom functionalities needed to be implemented. The Billie Eilish Fragrance team requested a scroll-responsive 3D model on the homepage, various HD videos, and eye-catching animations throughout the site without compromising responsiveness.


High Traffic Only

Praella performed a soft launch of the website to ensure stable traffic processing. A signup page was released, and a couple hundred thousand sessions were logged in a couple of hours.

Once the perfume was released, it took only 30 minutes for it to sell out.
Since the product sold out quickly, more than 100k customers subscribed to the “Back To Stock” notifications. More than 1 million sessions were recorded during the launch day. The second flash sale resulted in the perfume selling out again within just one hour.
It is important to note that these events went through without any issues despite an enormous amount of traffic.

It is important to note that with many limited-release product launches, the biggest hurdle proves to be the checkout process. This was not the case for Billie Eilish Fragrances since the Praella team utilized Shopify Plus’ Checkout Queue in order to mitigate risks at checkout.

One Customer - One Bottle

Praella created a custom fraud control system to ensure this functionality, which allowed one perfume bottle per user. The limitation, of course, was not permanent, and after the expiration date of the mentioned limitation, the customer could purchase the product again.

Countdown and Order Tracking

Integrating custom functionalities into their website was done to provide customers with a one-of-a-kind user experience. Before the launch of the product, a special countdown page was created. An Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) was introduced, allowing a seamless data transmission. Praella has also implemented an FTP connection that provides the customers with the order tracking numbers.

3D Bottle Model

Considering the high importance of the custom-made perfume bottle and the idea of creating one of a kind website experience, the Praella team decided to challenge themselves by implementing a never before seen solution for the product showcase. Praella’s developers created a sleek animated 3D render of the scroll of the perfume bottle by synchronizing every frame to the user’s scroll position, which served as the custom navigator through the page. To help strike the balance of great experience and following this, focused landing pages were created, filled with various HD videos and eye-catching animations, all without compromising page responsiveness.

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How We Helped

Handling traffic for the world’s biggest pop star.

Given the size of Billie Eilish’s fan base, one thing was certain - a large amount of traffic.
More than a couple hundred thousand sessions were recorded, and the perfume was sold out within the first 30 minutes of being available for purchase. Everything was handled without a hitch, thanks to the stability of the Shopify platform and Praella’s expertise.

People's Voice Webby Award 2022

The Webby Award for the best homepage serves as a testament to the amazing work done by Parlux, Mazarine, and Praella.

We launched DTC last week for a brand new HUGE product! This launch has truly made headlines. It’s a crazy thing to say.

We just want to thank you for all the hard work you guys have put into our wonderful website and shipping mechanism. Since Day 1 working with you, you have been committed to this project and acted like partners. We have enjoyed working with all the team members you have both in the USA and India. A fun thing for me was to see the energy from the India team – even in the wee hours of their nighttime.

While we’re not done yet, I hope you can appreciate and enjoy the hard work you’ve accomplished with us. We’ve just gotta #Billieve – and we do!

- Brian R., Sr. Director Ecommerce & Digital Marketing at Parlux Ltd.
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