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The Brief

The Challenge

Store redesign

The CurlMix team contacted us with the idea of creating a new, more modern look for their store. They felt that their current design was outdated and was not the correct reflection of their brand. With an already existing client list, wanting to keep the page live while the redesign was done was one of our team's main challenges on this project. 

Reward system

The CurlMix team wanted to show their appreciation for their loyal customers, so they tasked us with creating a rewards system solution and a corresponding landing page, which would allow their customers to take advantage of the benefits.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free system

CurlMix expressed a clear need for a Buy 1 Get 1 Free system but declined to use any other third-party apps. Consequently, they tasked our team to create a custom solution for their store to enable them with this functionality and improve their Average Order Value (AOV).

The Solution

Store redesign

Our design team conducted extensive research before the project's beginning, ensuring they were providing the best possible outcome with the new look and functionality of the Curlmix website. 

We completely rehauled their design from boring, dull, and outdated to a new one with an updated and more functional website.  With additional efforts and under the guidance of the CurlMix team, our developers started mapping out and making design changes to the store while still keeping the original store live and running, successfully replacing all the data with the new sets without any hiccups.

Reward system

Our development team had the opportunity to create a custom landing page and loyalty system, providing CurlMix customers with the benefit of this cutting-edge system and its accompanying page as a reward for their loyalty. This innovative system allows customers to access exclusive discounts, rewards, and other benefits, making their shopping experience even more rewarding.

Buy 1, Get 1 Free system

As the client expressed clear needs for the BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free) system but declined the use of any third-party applications, our team utilized Liquid code (Shopify's native programming language) to create a system that provides the desired functionalities. An additional challenge faced by our team was that the Curlmix team had employed a third-party for the content creation of their Landing Pages, requiring our team to work around these functionalities to ensure the best possible experience for our client and its users. To meet this challenge, our team provided Curlmix with TYPEFORM app integrations.


Web Design

CurlMix homepage mockup
CurlMix homepage
CurlMix website mockup
How We Helped

Mobile ready & optimized design.

HulkApps successfully increased revenue and enhanced the aesthetic and usability of the Curlmix website, leaving their clients delighted. The design team had the latest tools at their disposal and conducted extensive research prior to the project's commencement, ensuring the best possible outcome with the new look and features of the CurlMix website.

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Subscriptions & auto-renewal transactions.

By allowing their customers to sign up for recurring payments, CurlMix benefitted from a reliable source of income. While providing their customers the abitliy to enjoy the convenience of not having to renew their monthly subscriptions manually.

CurlMix product page
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