A healthier bubbly fruit drink brand.
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The Brief

The Challenge

Site Redesign & User Experience 

Upon first glance, IZZE's vibrant colors and visual appeal created an immediate excitement for the product. However, the outdated, cluttered, and confusing website design was a major downside.

Praella conducted an initial site assessment in response and determined that the existing website design was hindering sales due to its poor user experience. To remedy this, Praella proposed building a new Theme from scratch with an emphasis on easy navigation. Additionally, Praella updated the overall site design to reflect the product's colors and branding, resulting in increased traffic and sales.

Increasing conversion rates

IZZE sought to bolster online and offline conversions, prompting Praella to devise an effortless purchasing flow that would facilitate transactions from their website to their distribution channels. Furthermore, to enhance the user experience, IZZE asked us to develop a shoppable Instagram feed.

SEO Checks 

Praella's team of SEO experts worked diligently to ensure that the organic traffic generated by the store remained unaffected despite the redesign and rebranding efforts. Furthermore, Praella aimed to boost overall SEO rankings due to the changes made to the store.

The Solution

Site Redesign & User Experience 

Praella's UX/UI team took a custom design approach to make theme development visually appealing and reflective of the brand's essence. They created an on-brand design that was both simple and user-friendly, allowing the company to showcase its charm without creating a cluttered UI.

By opting for a page-scrolling design, Praella was able to display all of the product portfolios without overwhelming the user. Additionally, heat mapping was implemented to customize the store based on CRO opportunities and UX improvements, resulting in an impressive 138% increase in transactions.

Mobile-friendly & responsive design 

The new custom-made design enabled the implementation of a mobile-friendly interface for users, resulting in a dramatic surge in engagement on mobile devices. This was a major success, particularly since the majority of the brand's loyal consumers are young, vibrant, and active individuals.

SEO Checks 

Praella was tasked with ensuring that the redesign of the Shopify website would not disrupt the organic SEO traffic. To accomplish this, Praella implemented sixteen 301 Redirects, product tagging, sitemap indexes, and URL structuring. In order to meet IZZE's objectives, Praella implemented ways to improve PageSpeed Optimization, such as reducing bounce rates and improving page loading time.

SEO-based product development 

PageSpeed Optimization 一 proposed better ways to produce results aligned with IZZE's objectives, such as reducing bounce rates and improving page loading time.

Custom solutions for increased conversions 

Utilizing geolocation and store mapping, Praella implemented a feature to collect customer data and monitor store traffic, creating a convenient solution for users to shop at their preferred channels - either in the nearest physical store or online. This custom solution, combined with the shoppable Instagram feed, resulted in a 13% increase in the website's conversion rate.


Web Design

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Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Izze Mobile homepage
How We Helped

Fresh new & optimized design.

Focusing on the UX/UI design, Praella set out to revolutionize the user experience. To completely revamp the website, extra effort was required to build a new theme template from the ground up, ensuring optimal loading speed and incorporating all the necessary functionalities.

Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Izze Mockup

Shopify Storefront For In-store Purchase

The team significantly improved the user experience in several areas, focusing on store setup, product listing and display, a simplified checkout process, and fulfillment services. Additionally, we ensured that redirection to distribution channels such as Amazon, AmazonFresh, and other ecommerce channels ran smoothly with the “Buy Now” button feature. This drastically decreased cart abandonment and helped to increase the conversion rate significantly.

Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Izze homepage mockup

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“Our team was able to swiftly test numerous customization tactics and gain significant insights thanks to the HulkApps A/B Testing and Optimization service. On a single test, we noticed a 15% conversion increase, and setting it up and deploying it was a breeze. The service sent the majority of traffic to the successful variant, relieving us of the need to constantly monitor test results."

- Marketing representative, Izze
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