Nov 1, 2023   ~ 5 min read

Shopify's Top Tips To Get You Ready For This Year's Holiday Shopping Season.

Shopify Holiday Season Shopping Tips


The holiday season is a crucial time for Shopify merchants. It's the period where consumer spending skyrockets and businesses have the opportunity to end the year on a high note. But how can you ensure that your Shopify store is prepared to meet the demands and expectations of this year's holiday shoppers?

Understanding the 2023 Holiday Shopper: Key Takeaways

What do we know about this year's holiday shoppers? According to Shopify's recent surveys, nearly 74% of consumers plan to spend the same or more on holiday gifts compared to last year. Interestingly, 41% aim to start shopping by the end of October. What does this mean for Shopify merchants? 

1. Early Bird Gets the Worm: With 41% of consumers planning to start shopping by the end of October, early promotions can give you a competitive edge.

Actionable Tip: Consider launching a "Pre-Holiday Sale" in early October to capture this audience. Use Shopify Email to send out targeted promotions to your customer base.

2. Gen Z is Ready to Spend: This demographic is more likely to spend more than last year, and they are highly responsive to early holiday deals.

Actionable Tip: Create social media campaigns targeting Gen Z. Use Shopify Magic to generate engaging content that resonates with this demographic.

3. Support for Small Businesses: Nearly one in four shoppers prefer to shop with small and local businesses. Tailoring promotions for Small Business Saturday could be a winning strategy.

Actionable Tip: Leverage this by participating in Small Business Saturday and offering special promotions.

Leveraging Shopify Sidekick for Enhanced Customer Experience

Shopify Sidekick, an AI tool designed for commerce, can be a game-changer for your holiday marketing strategies. From generating smart replies in live chats to suggesting personalized FAQs and email content, this tool can significantly enhance customer engagement. So, make sure to leverage this power and integrate it into your holiday plans.

Shopify Sidekick - AI - Praella Shopify Plus Agency

AI-Driven Email Marketing

Shopify Email allows you to automate your email marketing campaigns. Use Shopify Sidekick to generate compelling subject lines and create engaging email content. This can be particularly useful for sending out holiday promotions and offers.

The Power of Omnichannel Selling with Shopify POS

The holiday season is not just about online shopping. Many consumers also prefer the in-store experience and product discovery (34% of them, actually, according to Shopify’s research data).

Shopify POS (Point of Sale) allows you to sell both online and in-person, providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Shopify's POS can also help with one of the biggest challenges during the holiday season - managing inventory. Its real-time inventory tracking functionality can save you from stock-outs or overstocking, which, during the holiday season, can be quite a lifesaver.

Shopifys POS - Tap and Chip payments

Why is Shopify POS Crucial for the Holidays?

1. Inventory Management: Keep track of your stock levels in real-time.

2. Staff Management: Control what your employees can access, ensuring smooth operations during the busy season.

3. Payment Processing: Accept various payment methods to cater to all your customers.

Shop App: A New Way to Shop

The Shop App by Shopify offers a unique shopping experience, showcasing the world's greatest brands and providing real-time tracking for customer orders. It also allows customers to earn Shop Cash with every checkout, which can be an excellent incentive for repeat purchases and help boost customer loyalty during the busy season, so make sure to implement it in your business.

Actionable Tip: Promote the Shop Cash feature in your holiday marketing to encourage customer loyalty.

Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Shop Pay by Shopify

Final Thoughts

The holiday season is a golden opportunity for Shopify merchants to maximize sales and end the year on a high note. With early planning and the right strategies, you can ensure that your Shopify store is well-prepared to meet the demands of holiday shoppers. From understanding consumer behavior to leveraging Shopify's suite of tools, the opportunities are endless.

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