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Looking to take your business to the next level? The brands we have helped migrate from Cratejoy to Shopify were able to elevate their business. The right approach, set-up, and execution can enhance the customer experience for acquisition and managing subscriptions and maximize retention with smart cancelation flows, upsells, cross-sells, reporting, and more. Easy integrations and seamless customization empower marketing teams to focus on growth and retention.

Our unique expertise in migrating businesses from Cratejoy to Shopify offers you the strategic tools and know-how needed to unlock your online business's potential fully. We have helped 100s of brands migrate to Shopify, and we have helped them scale; many of them migrated from CrateJoy.

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Before we start

Cratejoy to Shopify migrations do not have to be scary.

Before taking the leap, it's crucial to understand Cratejoy and Shopify's differences. Grasping the strengths and weaknesses of both platforms allows you to plan your transition strategically. By capitalizing on Shopify's extensive ecommerce capabilities, you're setting the stage for your business to reach new heights. This is when it is best to jump on a call, we have done this successfully many, many times.

We Take CrateJoy Migrations Seriously, and here's Why

This can’t be played down. It is serious, and we take it seriously. We have migrated brands from CrateJoy and other various platforms successfully time after time. Whether it is a $1MM ARR or $50MM ARR - we take our time and make sure we do it right. We also collaborate with our 3rd party partners and your team to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Regardless of the complexities around your subscription products, offerings, billing cycles, and shipping cycles…our team has seen it all. When it comes to CrateJoy, currently, the only subscribers we can’t migrate are the ones from CrateJoy’s marketplace.

Given that we do need CrateJoy’s assistance with the migration, one thing to keep in mind is that as of 2022, CrateJoy has shared with us that their team does not provide any assistance during Q4, so timing and planning around this is critical.

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Cratejoy and Shopify

Let's delve deeper

While Cratejoy has a well-established reputation as a reliable platform for subscription-based businesses, offering user-friendly tools for creating, managing, and growing, Shopify Plus and the ecosystem it has created take them a step further.

Make the right choice for your business

Cratejoy's strength lies in its dedicated focus on the subscription model. It offers subscription management, recurring billing, and a marketplace for added visibility. However, Shopify Plus expands on this model, providing a comprehensive ecommerce platform allowing more than subscription sales. According to an independent study Shopify shared, a platform has upwards of 30% of conversations that lead platforms – ShopPay being one of the big contributors to this.

Step into the future

Embrace the Ecommerce Evolution with Shopify.

Migration to Shopify is not just a change of platform – it's a transformative step that responds to your evolving business needs. Shopify is a dynamic, scalable ecommerce solution that empowers businesses to achieve new levels of success. It provides increased adaptability, more powerful ecommerce tools, and scalability to accommodate your business as it grows. With its wide ecommerce capabilities, Shopify can help you enhance your customer's shopping experience, whether selling recurring subscriptions or one-time products.

The Praella Promise

Maximizing the Benefits of Migration

We start with a detailed migration process that keeps the core of your Cratejoy store - your unique products, important customer profiles, and strong brand - intact. This isn't just about moving data; it's about boosting your business. Our team aims to increase your capabilities and build on the foundation you have created with CrateJoy.

CreateJoy has been instrumental to your business, and we understand that, so it is important to understand what has helped that growth and what has limited that growth. Plus, once you've moved, you'll get to use Shopify's excellent analytics tools. These give you a deep look into how customers behave and what sells best, letting you make smarter decisions for your business.

SEO-Focused Migration

Typically, we do see brands have a boost to their rankings post-migration. One of the possible obstacles of migration is the impact on your store's SEO. At Praella, we've made sure that this risk is mitigated as much as possible.

Secure Your SEO Rankings

Our Shopify experts will manage page load times, and 301 redirects, preserve URL structure when possible, identify any current misses on CrateJoy, and optimize your new store for maximum search engine visibility. We will make sure your hard-earned rankings are protected and, even better, improved.

Experience a Fearless Transition

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