Monthly subscription service for hand-picked outdoor, survival, EDC, and other cool gear.
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The Brief

The Challenge

A/B Testing and Optimization

Many merchants know or use multivariate testing to improve their ecommerce experiences, but many do not always get the most out of their test findings. Most of the findings are received at face value without further investigation to determine whether relevant insights may be acquired by reading between the lines.

In the case of BattlBox, they chose to enhance their website and subscription funnel experiences by experimenting with a different content strategy. The survival equipment company wanted to investigate how personalizing their homepage experience would affect customer behavior when they revisited the site.

Site Redesign

Merchants often struggle to capture and retain customers' attention due to the inadequate structure of content presented on their websites. To ensure their users receive the best possible purchasing experience, the BattlBox team realized they needed to implement a modern, intuitive, and visually appealing design.

Retention  Offer

With subscription services at an all-time high, BattlBox recognized an opportunity to reach out to the adventure enthusiast market and offer them custom-made boxes delivered directly to their door. To ensure they could meet the specific demands of their customers, BattlBox team set out to create a more comprehensive customization system.

Private app for BattlBox

The ecommerce industry presents numerous challenges, particularly in terms of how users shop. The BattlBox team faced the daunting task of providing the best possible experience despite inaccurate data regarding impressions and conversions. To overcome this challenge, they had to develop a creative solution to ensure their customers had a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

Upsell Cart Page

Product suggestions are one of the most effective upselling strategies; however, BattlBox lacked this field, as they did not have a mechanism to display products similar to those the visitor had expressed interest in, which caused them to miss out on opportunities to increase their sales.

The Solution

A/B Testing and Optimization

By using HulkApps' A/B Testing and Optimisation to gain vital insights into how different onsite experiences influence users' on-site interaction. We ran content-based testing on their homepage to directly compare these changes in experiences to their current setup and examine how introducing different content methods affects user engagement and conversion.

With the new variation, each segment experienced an improvement in conversion performance, with the prospect segment seeing an unusual 30 percent gain in conversion compared to the regular variation.

Full Site Redesign

Based on the A/B testing results, the BattlBox team determined that a full site redesign was the best solution. The redesign resulted in numerous improvements for them, including improved optimizations, better delivery of relevant data and products to their clients, and, most importantly, more income. The Praella team provided the decisive advantage BattlBox needed to succeed by executing this redesign.

Subscription Customization

Subscription boxes are ideal for merchants to meet their customers' needs regularly. The new dashboard gives customers full control over their subscriptions, allowing them to easily cancel, skip, or add more products. This innovative solution provides customers with the convenience of having their desired products delivered to their doorstep on a recurring basis while also allowing merchants to build long-term relationships with their customers.

Private App for BattlBox

When executed properly, tracking impressions and conversions can provide invaluable insights for businesses. BattlBox Private Custom App leveraged customer activity data on their website, enabling them to optimize their strategies and ultimately boost their conversion rate.

Upsell cart page

With their information about consumer behavior, BattlBox found the need for their clients to get them hand-picked products they would love displayed at the right time. This tailored approach resulted in a guided purchase experience that increased sales and made shopping more enjoyable.

Transforming ecommerce with Praella Shopify Plus Agency

BattlBox's Success Story

Join us in this video as John Roman, the CEO of BattlBox, shares his remarkable journey of transforming his Shopify store with the assistance of the Praella team.

Web Design

Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Battlbox case study - Homepage mockup
Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Battlbox case study - Mobile Homepage mockup
Praella Shopify Plus Agency - Battlbox website mockups
How We Helped

Mobile ready & optimized design.

By leveraging the insights gained from AB testing, Praella crafted a website design that maximized the effectiveness of its delivery. Paired with other custom-made solutions, the redesign was a crucial step in ensuring that the website was able to provide a seamless user experience and meet the needs of its visitors.

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After After After After After After After After After After After After After After After After After After After After After After After After After


Internal stakeholders have been so impressed with the work, that they've continued to retain the collaboration and consistently make improvements to the site. Praella has effectively conducted seamless migrations, and they've implemented the successful transfer of 50,000 respondents. They did what they said they would, every time. Great communication and you could tell they really cared.

- John Roman, Chief Executive Officer, BattlBox
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