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The Brief

The Challenge


When Crate Club, a thriving merchant, sought to revamp its digital storefront, they didn't settle for just anyone. They reached out to Praella, a leading Shopify Plus Agency renowned for its Shopify experts. With years of experience under our belt, our aim was to deliver a top-notch user experience across Crate Club's digital landscape. In this case study, we delve into how Praella seamlessly executed this transformation, staying true to Crate Club’s existing layout preferences while enhancing performance and aesthetics.

While Crate Club had a strong brand presence and customer loyalty, their website wasn't aligned with the level of quality they aimed for. Navigational issues, design inconsistencies, and a lack of mobile responsiveness were affecting the user experience. Moreover, they needed the upgrade without disrupting the core essence of their existing layout.

The Strategy

Understanding the client's needs is paramount at Praella. Before diving into the development, our Shopify Plus experts carefully mapped out a comprehensive strategy. This involved redesigning 21 key pages, each tailored to enhance user engagement and conversions while retaining the familiar layout cherished by Crate Club's customer base.

The Solution

Comprehensive Redesign

We took a two-pronged approach, focusing on both desktop and mobile experiences. This included redesigning seven primary pages: Homepage, Shop/Collection Page, Product Page, What's Inside Page, Subscribe Page, Blog Page, and Blog Article Page. Similarly, an additional 14 pages, such as Account, Giveaways, and Checkout, were redesigned specifically for desktop.

Mobile Responsiveness

In contrast to merely scaling down the desktop version, Praella Agency provided tailored, responsive development for mobile platforms. This ensures that Crate Club's mobile users enjoy an experience just as compelling as that on the desktop.

Development on Shopify Framework

All development work was carried out on the Shopify framework, leveraging its robust features to deliver a highly functional yet user-friendly interface. Our Shopify experts ensured seamless migration and compatibility across the board.

Quality Assurance

QA Testing and UAT were rigorously conducted to ensure that each redesigned element met quality benchmarks and functionality criteria. Potential issues were proactively identified and resolved, adhering to best practices in the ecommerce agency realm.

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How We Helped

Partners for life

The collaboration between Crate Club and Praella showcased how a meticulous approach and expertise in Shopify development can result in a winning ecommerce solution. We didn't just meet Crate Club’s expectations; we aimed to exceed them, reinforcing why we are considered Shopify Plus experts.

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