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Empowering individuals to understand and manage their allergies with innovative testing and personalized guidance.
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The Brief

The Challenge

Backend Rewrite and Logic Implementation:

The first challenge was to rewrite the entire backend of the ALK Allergy App. This involved introducing new logic across the app while deprecating key components. Understanding the complex existing backend architecture required extensive effort, trial and error, and in-depth analysis.

Real-time and Manageability:

The client wanted the app to be easily manageable and offer real-time updates, which required adopting new technologies that provided efficient data retrieval and minimized load times.

Utilizing New Technology:

Wanting to showcase the app's innovative capabilities and create a unique user experience, ALK aimed to incorporate new technology not widely used in the market.

Takeover and Timely Completion:

Taking over a project from a different agency and delivering the complete rewrite within the same three-month timeframe posed a significant challenge. We had to understand the existing codebase quickly and seamlessly to continue the development process.

The Solution

Allergy Logging Features:

Our team implemented comprehensive allergy logging features that allowed users to log their mood and medication intake and track daily habits based on allergen levels in the air or on the ground. Users could easily record their allergy-related information, enhancing their awareness and management of allergies.

Backend Transformation:

To ensure optimal performance, we switched out the existing backend for a backend architecture similar to what Netflix uses. We leveraged technologies such as Apache Kafka Tunnels and microservices to fetch data individually for each user, resulting in lightning-fast load times below 0.8 milliseconds.

App Optimization:

Through meticulous optimization efforts, we reduced the app's size from 60 MB to a mere 15 MB. This optimization enhanced user experience by reducing the app's footprint and improving installation and update times.

Air Quality and Pollen Integration:

We integrated the app with Breezometer, a leading air quality, and pollen data provider. This allowed users to access real-time air quality and pollen readings based on their location or any chosen area. The data was utilized in various app features, such as the allergy calendar, which provided historical allergy-related information.

Dynamic Quizzes and FaD iFrame:

We implemented dynamic quizzes generated independently for each user to engage users and provide personalized content. The app generated relevant content based on user responses, improving engagement and information dissemination. Additionally, we incorporated the Find a Doctor (FaD) iFrame, which is dynamically generated within the app, providing users access to a comprehensive doctor search tool.

Database and Infrastructure Migration:

We migrated the app's database from Watermelon to SQLite, content management from Contentful to Strapi, and storage from Firebase to Amazon S3. These transitions enhanced scalability, performance, and data management capabilities.

Custom SDK Development:

To gain better control over the app's functionality and updates, we developed custom software development kits (SDKs). These SDKs empowered ALK to make app updates without requiring new builds or version releases, ensuring flexibility and quick feature enhancements.


Web Design

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Praella Shopify Plus Agency - KlarifyMe MockUp
How We Helped

Mobile ready & optimized design.

By leveraging the insights gained from AB testing, Praella crafted a website design that maximized the effectiveness of its delivery. Paired with other custom-made solutions, the redesign was a crucial step in ensuring that the website was able to provide a seamless user experience and meet the needs of its visitors.

The ALK Allergy App's backend rewrite and feature enhancements presented a significant challenge our team tackled within a tight timeframe. We transformed the app into a high-performance, user-friendly platform by adopting advanced technologies, careful optimizations, and seamless integrations. Our achievements met ALK's goals and positioned them as an industry leader ready to tackle the future of allergy management.

- ALK Project team lead
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