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The Brief

The Challenge

NetSuite integration

As a company specializing in manufacturing and distributing plastic bags and liners for various industries, it could be said that PlasticPlace has some unique business practices.

To accommodate those, the integration with NetSuite required some customizations. For example, the company needed to integrate its product catalog, which includes various sizes and types of plastic bags and liners. This posed a challenge because NetSuite's out-of-the-box solution did not support the complexity of PlasticPlace's collections.

This meant that PlasticPlace needed to define its integration goals and objectives, identify the specific business processes that needed to be integrated with NetSuite, and develop a plan for implementing the customizations required to achieve these goals.

A need for the automatic size calculation

To improve its order fulfillment process, PlasticPlace decided to implement an automated system for calculating package size on its website. This would allow customers to input their order details, such as the number of plastic bags and liners required and the dimensions of the products they needed to package. The system would then automatically calculate the appropriate package size required to fulfill the order.

Implementing the process would eliminate the need for manual entry by PlasticPlace's staff, which was previously required to determine the appropriate package size for each order.

By removing the manual components of the process, the company could reduce errors, improve order fulfillment accuracy, and reduce the time required to process orders, allowing them to fulfill more orders in a shorter period.

Credit System Implementation

PlasticPlace recognized the value of catering to its frequent buyers, so it decided to implement a credit limit system that would allow them to purchase items via invoice. This system would enhance the customer experience by enabling them to make purchases and defer payment until later, typically with an agreed-upon payment term.

By having a system to manage credit accounts and invoice payments, the company could more efficiently track customer orders and payments, reducing the administrative burden of manual invoice processing.

Moreover, the credit limit system would allow PlasticPlace to improve its cash flow by providing predictable revenue streams from customers with established credit accounts. And would help to reduce the risk of late payments or non-payment, which could negatively impact the company's financial stability.

The Solution

NetSuite Integration

Integrating a credit limit system with NetSuite may seem like a simple task. Still, implementing this feature can also get complex, requiring a range of scripts and the integration of multiple fields to make it work seamlessly. This was the case for PlasticPlace, which required a customized credit limit system that could be integrated with NetSuite's existing ERP system.

The implementation process involved several steps, including developing custom scripts to integrate the credit limit system seamlessly with NetSuite.

The integration process also involved the integration of multiple fields, including customer information, billing details, and payment history. This was necessary to ensure that the credit limit system could be easily controlled and assigned to individual companies and users.

This complex integration process resulted in a credit limit system that was easily controllable and provided detailed information on customer credit limits, billing, and payment history. This allowed PlasticPlace to manage its credit accounts better and make informed decisions about extending credit to its customers.

Moreover, integrating the credit limit system with NetSuite helped streamline PlasticPlace's financial and accounting processes.

By having a fully integrated system, the company could automate many accounting functions, reducing the time and effort required to manage its financial operations.

Migration from Magento 2 to ShopifyPlus

PlasticPlace needed to move data from their existing Magento 2 setup to Shopify, which meant transferring all customer data and reviews. The complexity of the data involved and the need to ensure that all data was accurately transferred made this task more challenging.

The migration process involved several steps, including a thorough data review to identify any discrepancies or missing information. The team then worked on extracting the data from Magento 2 and converting it into a format easily imported into Shopify.

And after several rounds of testing and adjustments, the migration process was completed successfully, with all customer data and reviews accurately transferred to the new Shopify platform. This allowed PlasticPlace to seamlessly transition to the new platform without disrupting its business operations.

Order tracking

To further streamline PlasticPlace's operations, a package size and bag size management tool was implemented. It eliminated the need for manual entry and ensured greater accuracy in their order fulfillment process. With this new feature, customers could identify the appropriate size, making the ordering process more efficient.

The package size and bag size management tool was developed by customizing the existing system to fit the unique needs of PlasticPlace. The team created scripts that allowed them to integrate their solution with NetSuite and Shopify, ensuring it could be used across all platforms.

Moreover, implementing order tracking was another key feature integrated into NetSuite and Shopify. This feature provided greater visibility into the order fulfillment process, allowing customers to track their orders from start to finish. With this feature, customers could easily access real-time updates on their orders, including shipping information and expected delivery dates.

By integrating order tracking into NetSuite and Shopify, PlasticPlace could streamline its order fulfillment process, reduce the time and effort required to manage its operations and provide a better customer experience.

How Praella, Shopify Plus Agency, helped boost their business

PlasticPlace's Success Story

Hear from Dave himself on how Praella has strategically transformed PlasticPlace's Shopify Plus store into an industry leader. Get firsthand insights on the extensive customization our team provided to enhance their customer journey, maximize sales, and create a robust digital presence.
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How We Helped

Other notable solutions

Other notable solutions we implemented include site speed optimization, custom scripts for refunds, partial refunds, order tracking, and custom apps and integrations. Our credit limit custom app and custom integration with NetSuite have particularly benefited our client. They have streamlined their credit management process and improved their overall business operations.

Our solutions have helped our client improve their business operations, increase efficiency, and provide a better customer experience.

“What we had was the complexity of rising on each product page; that was going to be the biggest challenge. And honestly, I was on the fence about whether any agency could pull it off easily. That was confident but easy within the time frame given, and that's where you guys impressed me. You guys did a fantastic job pulling it off not only on time…but delivered it to my expectations, which is a great accomplishment on your part. As a client, I couldn't be happier—the technical project management. I would give you 10 out of 10. Amazing. Let’s just say you guys have done a fantastic job.”

- Nimesh Dave, Plasticplace CIO & CTO.
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