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The Brief

The Challenges

Tiger Tough, a known name in the accessories industry, embarked on an ambitious endeavor to enhance its online visibility. Their goal was to create a cutting-edge and user-friendly ecommerce platform that caters to the varied requirements of their wide-ranging customer base.

Their team encountered significant challenges with its online presence, particularly regarding ecommerce platform functionality and design. The website, crucial for retail and B2B interactions, lacked user-friendliness and efficiency. Key issues included suboptimal navigation and transaction processes, especially in the B2B wholesale section, where streamlined operations were essential. Additionally, the existing script editor for item discounts in the B2B segment was not adequately serving its purpose, calling for an urgent upgrade to enhance the user experience and operational efficiency.

The Solution

Praella's response to Tiger Tough's challenges was multifaceted and comprehensive. The first step was the new store setup and design, which focused on creating a more intuitive and visually appealing layout. This redesign spanned both the retail and B2B sections, aiming to enhance the shopping experience for all users.

The integration of Shopify Payments and the setup of a new payment processor were pivotal in establishing a secure and smooth payment experience, a critical factor in building customer trust and ensuring transactional efficiency. Praella implemented tax and pixel systems to complement this, which is essential for accurate pricing and tracking user interactions on the site. These implementations were key in developing effective marketing strategies and sales tactics.

The B2B wholesale store setup within the main site was another major undertaking. This involved integrating a separate section for B2B transactions, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for business clients. Customizing the script editor for item discounts in the B2B section further streamlined the pricing and discount processes, offering dynamic and flexible pricing options to meet the varied needs of B2B clients.

Lastly, redesigning the homepage, product pages, collection pages, and categories was crucial in improving the website's overall aesthetic and functional appeal. Enhancing the 'My Account' dashboard also significantly elevates user engagement and provides a more personalized and satisfying customer experience.

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By the Books

Tiger Tough's project serves as a model of planning and implementation in the digital commerce field. With an emphasis on user design, smooth data migration, and creative features, Tiger Tough has effectively established a fresh benchmark for the automotive accessories industry's online customer experience.

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